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A Few Words from the Author to Set the Scene

The secret of science is to ask the right question
(Tizard 1885-1959)

There are many who believe that management or organisational failures are the root causes of all accidents. However, philosophers, experts in agent causation and causation in law disagree; indeed, such experts find those claims ridiculous and absurd. Commonsense, logic, empirical data, International courts, the Council of the EU, UK Parliaments and Law Commission (to name just a few) also disagree.

Fortunately, following objective reconsideration, even the staunchest supporters of the management failure or organisational accident school (the two being synonymous of course) are forced to concede that management cannot possibly cause all accidents. Unfortunately, the original belief is so engrained and overriding that it comes irrepressibly to the fore during their ‘investigations’. In consequence, they pursue their central causal enquiries as if the default belief were true even though they have conceded that it is not.

When challenged to logically justify their invariable and unconditional findings, they, like the philosophies, models and theories upon which they rely, cannot. But, when the right questions are posed, as they are throughout this book, the organisational accident school reveals itself to be a fanciful construct devoid of either foundation or substance.

As you read on, take the following with you. If the opening belief is wrong, then any philosophy, model or theory presenting the same must also be wrong. That is undeniable and irrefutable.

Paul Difford