A Commonsense Approach to Causation


Chapter Five Part 1: Start of the Management Failure Movement

Weaver’s (1971) accident sequence    95-97
Bird’s (1974 updated ‘domino’ sequence 97-103
Accident prone or error prone?    103-107
Questionable use of ‘research’ by the regulator  107-113
Interim summary 114-115



Chapter Five Part 2: A Notion of Cause that is Absurd in both Practice and Principle

Not all causes are causes 117-120
Recognising the limit of relevant causes  120-122
Tail chasing and fire fighting – the effect of relocating cause upstream 122-124
Invariable and unconditional sequence   124-125
Why so many dominoes and slices of cheese? 125-126
Interim summary 127




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