A Commonsense Approach to Causation


Chapter Three: Heinrich’s Accident Causation Theory

Heinrich’s accident sequence 69-70
Heinrich’s ‘dominoes’  70
          Domino 1. Ancestry and social environment 70
          Domino 2. Fault(s) of person 70-71
          Domino 3. Unsafe act and/or Condition 71
          Domino 4. Accident 71
          Domino 5. Injury 72
Dominoes 1-3 revisited  72-74
Causes of an underlying nature 75-76
Heinrich’s theory and sequence in general 76
Heinrich’s (1944) three domino sequence 77
The accident-error domino sequence 78
Suchman’s (1961) operational definition 78
A note on the so-called stop rule 79-80
Interim summary 81-82



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