A Commonsense Approach to Causation


Chapter Two Part 1: Distinguishing Causes from Conditions

Root cause: a system term – a system test  37-40
Regulatory breaches and system non-conformances –
causes or incidental facts?
Causes or mere conditions? 44-46
Commonsense analysis of cause in R v Williams 46-48
Risk-laden or merely normal? 48-50
Reason’s (2004) Latent Condition  51-53
Interim summary 54-55


Chapter Two Part 2: Death by Analysis

Cause and causal attribution 57-59
Death on a Sunday 59-60
A haunting encounter 60-61
When death calls the shots – a case study 61-63
          a simple analysis of the accident  63
          deeper analysis  64-66
Interim Summary 67



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