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About the Author

As Director of Research & Development at the Institute of Industrial Accident Investigators, Paul has coordinated both of the Institute’s Ten Year Studies and published numerous internal papers. This book, the first in a series of eagerly anticipated titles, is an output of that.

Paul is also a Director with UK based Neucom Ltd where he is the Senior HSQE Consultant and Principal Investigator. As a service Neucom provides, he assists criminal defence teams and organisations in the after-math of actual and potential high yield accidents. He completed his first fatal investigation more than 25 years ago and, in 2009, was instrumental in a successful conclusion to one of the decade’s longest running criminal enquiries. Touching on that case and similar ones, Paul graphically compels the reader to confront the stark reality of industrial death, and its cause.

As an expert in causation and systems interrogation, his practical experience comes via international exposure to passenger and defence aviation, marine/off-shore environments, road & rail transport and military special forces. Comfortable in both the boardroom and the field, he understands risk across the entire corporate spectrum and has managed numerous construction and engineering projects. Sought after as a speaker, he lectures across a range of allied subjects from error analysis to investigative interviewing. Renowned as one of industry’s no-nonsense, straight talkers, his writing style is unique, to the point and superbly informative.